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Delphi/BCB Version Delphi or BCB madExcept Version Development System Problem occurs with exe/dll bitdepth eac3to Version Media Player (with version info) madVR Version
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Problem occurs with mode Splitter (with version info) Decoder (with version info) Decoding Deinterlacing DXVA2 Scaling Active Aero / Desktop Composition GPU Manufacturer
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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0000253106 [madVR]
minoracknowledged (madshi)2016-02-13XySubFilter + madVR for cropped movie
  0000376    [eac3to]
minornew2016-01-02Channels in output wavs mixed up
  0000375    [eac3to]
minornew2016-01-02Incorrect processing of the particular ac3 file
  00000875   [eac3to]
majorfeedback (madshi)2015-11-03Failure to demux subtitle tracks from SSIF or MPLS of a 3D-BD
  0000357    [eac3to]
minornew2015-11-02Error removing E-AC3 normalization when demuxing TrueHD
  000015011   [madVR]
minoracknowledged (madshi)2015-03-2360i 3:2:3:2:2 cadence should produce 25fps, but madVR switches to 23Hz
  0000245    [eac3to]
featurenew2014-12-05Ability to create thd+ac3 blu-ray compatible stream from already existing ac3 stream
  00001091   [madVR]
minoracknowledged (madshi)2014-04-01Irregular frame rates when playing back at non-default speed in MPC-HC
  000008211 [madVR]
minoracknowledged (madshi)2014-04-01Dropped frames at the beginning of playback and/or after seeking with Smooth Motion on
  0000106    [eac3to]
minornew2013-07-09Bogus video gap warnings
  00000122   [madVR]
tweakacknowledged (madshi)2013-02-16Windows -> Fullscreen
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